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Our Story

The owner of CP Designs, Curtis Pearce, began his business in January 2010. Curtis spent 3 years working for Tom Ness at The Weed Wrench Company where he learned to build the Weed Wrench. Over the years, Curtis learned how he could improve the tool to better meet the needs of customers. When Tom stopped building his tools, Curtis stepped up to continue the manufacturing of Weed Wrench products. Proud to be a U.S. manufacturer, Curtis sources his materials and supplies from local businesses and other U.S. manufacturers.

Curtis was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon and is now raising his own family there. Curtis is passionate about educating the community on land stewardship, removing invasive plant species, and restoring native landscapes. He has a goal to become a partner in local land management projects and pesticide-free plant removal programs.


Curtis’ wife, Dana, is also part of the manufacturing and operations team. Her business education and hands-on work ethic have helped to grow the company.

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